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  The Center of Mathematical Modeling and Scientific Computing (CMMSC) at the National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) of Taiwan is a research center under College of Science established on August 1st 2009 with startup funding from the University. The mission of the center is to foster mathematical modeling and scientific computing research, both fundamental and multidisciplinary. In particular, the center is to nurture the growth of mathematical expertise among research scientists, to train talent for research in applied mathematics, and to serve as a platform for research interaction between different disciplines.

  In carrying out its mission, CMMSC organizes Yearly Thematic Programs (YTP) which incorporate tutorial courses, regular seminars and workshops. Those programs will last from three months to a whole year, and are generally designed to appeal to the interests of local applied mathematics researchers. Most of YTPs are co-sponsored by National Center for Theoretical Sciences (NCTS).

  The purpose of a program is:

  1. to bring together mathematician and researchers from different disciplines in activity around common themes
  2. to strengthen NCTU Ph.D and Master programs through those tutorial courses and workshops
  3. to promote applied mathematics research of our local scientists to a higher level


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